The WX Builder Tools

Main Builder Tools

Builder Body

The Builder Body is the interface of an application through which it is built and displayed.

Left Toolbar

The Left Toolbar contains many different tools to assist with the development of pages within an application.

Block Creator

The Block Creator is the panel at the bottom of your screen when you are in the development role of an application. This panel allows you to create new instances of the Five Blocks of WorkXpress: tables, forms, fields, relationships, and actions.

Block Editor

The Block Editor is where you can change the settings for a block. There is a ribbon interface that will show the groups of settings for type of block selected.

Query Builder

The Query Builder is a visual tool that enables you to easily build and manage complex queries to retrieve information from the records in your tables. By using filters in the Query Builder, you can retrieve only those records which match your chosen criteria.

Expression Builder

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The Expression Builder is a visual tool that enables you to easily build and manage calculations that can manipulate information from the records in your tables provided by a query.

Action Manager

The Action Manager is used to create and manipulate automation associated with any of the Five Blocks.

Auxiliary Tools

Application Explorer

The Application Explorer is used to search and examine an applications structure. This tools will show the builder what tables, relationships, fields, forms, and actions make up an application and their connection to each other.

Enterprise Service Bus

The Enterprise Service Bus is used to quickly and easily setup integrations between your WorkXpress applications and other, external computer systems. An ESB allows you to automate pulling data into or pushing data out of a WorkXpress application. This tools will show the builder what Enterprise Service Bus Profiles are configured for an application and allow them to configure additional profiles.

This feature will be available in Platform Version 13.10.834.

Record Inspector

The Record Inspector is used to examine and edit the field values that are saved on a record, and to explore other records that are associated with it.

Action Queue

The Action Queue shows the list of past and present actions that have been queued to run as background processes.

Action Log

The Action Log allows you to see what is happening when you run an action or series of actions in a function. This is especially useful in troubleshooting.

Record Importer

The Record Importer allows a builder to read a csv file from an external data source, such as an excel spreadsheet, database export, or legacy application, and create or update records in the system.

API Key Generator

The API Key Generator is used by a developer or builder to create an authentication token for WorkXpress API access to the system.

API Query Builder

The API Query Builder is used by a developer or builder to create an query to be used by calls to the WorkXpress API to locate records in the system.

Custom URL Manager

The Custom URL Manager is used to add, edit, or delete custom URLs in the system. The URLs may be manually created using the Custom URL Manager or they may come from the Generate Custom Static URLs action.

CSS Skin Builder

The CSS Skin Builder is used to change the CSS that is used on every page. This allows the software developer to change many aspects of the look and feel of the system including but not limited to font styles, colors, and size; background colors and images; etc.

Export/Import Languages

The Export/Import Languages tool is used to provide multilingual support to an application. This allows software developer to export a CSV that can be used to provide translations for the application. After the CSV is filled in the software developer will need to import the file using this tool.

Export/Import Skins

The Export/Import Skins tool is used to allow the application developer to download any of the existing skins on the application and to upload new skins to the application.

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