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WorkXpress is a Platform that will allow you to bring cloud solutions to your customers quickly and profitably, with little or no investment or commitment. WorkXpress is also an organization of cloud experts who will stand behind you and give you the knowledge and credibility you need to provide cloud solutions.


  • Branding - you decide how to brand your offerings
  • Pricing - you decide how to price your offerings
  • Hosting - use public cloud servers, host in your own facility, or let your customers host behind their firewall
  • Adoption Method - WorkXpress supports a no-risk, no-investment path, as well as a no-royalties certified developer path. You can choose the type of partnership and a path of adoption that suits you the most, and change those choices on a by-engagement basis.
  • Training - WorkXpress can educate both your sales and technical staff about everything you need to know to enter the cloud economy
  • Support - WorkXpress will take on all technical risk, no technical risk, or anything in between. You determine what gaps exist in your organization and we will fill them. We truly are an extension of your team.

World Class Software

  • Quality - Dollar for dollar, WorkXpress produces the highest quality business software on the market. Period.
  • Mobile Ready - Deploy mobile solutions across all device platforms
  • Value-added Integration - SMS texting, email, bar coding, shipping, telephony, credit card payment, and much more.
  • Simplified Systems Administration - All server, data backup, system administration, software development life cycle, disaster recovery and other critical components handled with just minutes of training.
  • Secure and Compliant - WorkXpress offers a full suite of tools to ensure compliance with such organizations or certifications as ISO, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX and much more.

Happy, Profitable Customers

  • Lower Costs - Because you use WorkXpress, you can deploy more software at lower costs for your customers while maintaining your margins.
  • Repeat Customers - Customers satisfaction is important for repeat business. Offering more capability and functuality at a lower cost will ensure they won't go anywhere else.
  • Profitability - WorkXpress partners win more jobs and earn higher gross margins.

Partnership Support

WorkXpress wants to form a true partnership with you. Our staff wants to get to know you and your staff personally, and to be available to assist you throughout all phases of your sales and implementation cycle. In fact, we invite you to view our team as an extension of your team, and to call on us to fill any gaps you may have.

We are standing by to help you;

  • Train your sales team
  • Evaluate opportunities, develop estimates and proposals
  • Pitch prospects and respond to questions
  • Pursue RFP's and conduct oral presentations
  • Train your implementation staff
  • Support you throughout implementation
  • Perform any implementations that your staff can not take on for whatever reason
  • Assist your staff in providing ongoing maintenance and support, or do that work on your behalf if requested

3 Types of Partners

There are three methods of partnership with WorkXpress, but you don't have to choose just one. Select the appropriate partnership method for each customer engagement you pursue.

Product Partners - Build a Product for Resale

Build a product and resell it to other customers. WorkXpress is the best platform for quick and affordable production of SaaS products for resell.

  • Fastest production time
  • Lowest cost of development
  • More flexibility as your requirements evolve
  • Complete systems administration tools
  • Full set of tenancy/multi-tenancy options
  • Complete billing, metering and usage tools

Services Partners - Sell Professional Services

Build custom solutions for your customer base. WorkXpress enables you to win more custom development work as well as earning higher margins while doing it.

  • Build world-class applications from scratch in just weeks
  • Sell larger and more complex custom solutions than previously feasible
  • Utilize new implementation methods that are both rapid, flexible, and engaging for the customer. See why one partner called their WorkXpress offering “The Disneyland of Software Development”.
  • Leverage WorkXpress staff to complement any gaps in capabilities, assume any technical risk, or simply to train your staff.
  • Quickly build a thriving, highly profitable cloud service business

Sales Partners - Bring Projects

Bring a customer with a project, and offer them a world-class cloud based solution. We will do all of the technical sales, implementation and support. You can offer it under your brand or ours.

  • Easy - just bring a customer or project
  • No experience required - WorkXpress staff can fill any gaps in technical knowledge including estimation and technical sales questions through to implementation and support
  • Use your brand or ours - you get to choose whose brand you want to show to your customer
  • Earn a great margin - WorkXpress places a high value on your sales relationships and gives you control over your margins

Commercial Use Pricing

If your company is seeking to resell WorkXpress software or services based on WorkXpress software then you are a “Commercial Use” customer.

Commercial Use Options

  • DIY Commercial Use Customers will use their own developers to build applications and provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Commercial Use customers will engage WorkXpress to provide customization services, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support.

How to Sell WorkXpress Solutions

The purchasing decision for complex solutions has many challenges. Specifically, there is a wide range of technical and non-technical information that buyers need to be able to understand and believe in about the solution being offered. To help both buyers and sellers alike, we present the following as a guideline for how to move through this sometimes difficult process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

WorkXpress will provide everything from a proven sales process to answers to common objections, sales documents and sample contract language.

NOTE: WorkXpress staff are personally standing by to help you drive new cloud and 5GL platform based revenues. If you have a project but are not comfortable with this process, let us provide you assistance or handle it for you.

First Contact

Everything in the WorkXpress process begins at getting started. Partners, be sure to request a tracking code so that if you choose to direct visitors to the WorkXpress website, they can automatically be identified as one of your customers. With a registered tracking code, all trial signups will immediately be associated with you, our partner, in our systems.

All new contacts will immediately receive an email: Introduction to WorkXpress. Additionally, all new contacts will be asked two questions;

Question 1: Are you interested in internal use, or commercial resale?

-If the answer is “commercial resale”, the new contact will receive a separate email: Commercial Use and Resale

Question 2: Do you want to do it yourself (DIY) or are you looking for someone to do it for you?

-If the answer is “DIY”, the new contact will receive a separate email: Start Building

-If the answer is “Hire a WX Certified Builder to build it for me”, the new contact will receive a separate email: Hire WorkXpress


Before spending a lot of time on the details of a project, it is important to cover some of the basics and to make sure that WorkXpress is a good fit for you and your specific project.

In order to establish whether WorkXpress is a good fit, it may be helpful to review the following:

Please take time to address the following issues and questions:

If a Trial Account has been setup, is it important to:

Pre-Briefing Checklist

1. Pre-Briefing Email: It is often helpful, prior to hosting the Executive Briefing, to verify in writing that each of the above documents have been read and understood.

2. Qualifications: In the situation where the end-customer is known and a project is identified, it is important to verify the following before moving to the next step;

  • Need: There exists a specifically defined project.
  • Budget: The budget for the specific project is determined.
  • Time Frame: There is a definitive start date for the project and a general timeline.

Executive Signoff

The goal of the Executive Briefing is to determine whether all preliminary questions are answered and if it makes sense for the two organizations to move forward.

First, it is important to verify executive signoff as follows:

  • Confirm understanding of the value proposition to the target organization
  • Confirm understanding of general pricing (specific project pricing will not be established at this time)
  • Confirm understanding of the go-forward plan (this document)
  • Confirm executive signoff to discuss a specific engagement

Before proceeding, the technical team will also need to signoff as follows:

  • Confirm understanding of common objections
  • Confirm agreement that WorkXpress is a good fit for the project or customer base
  • Confirm technical signoff to discuss a specific engagement

Requirements and Contracting

One of the most important steps in assessing a WorkXpress fit is determining the specific project. This can be done at any time in the process, but should receive special focus only later in the process as it can be very time consuming, and a waste of time if other business and technical issues haven't already been addressed.

DIY - When the Project is Known

Hire a Certified WX Developer - When the Project is Known

Commercial Resale: When the Customer is not yet Known

When talking to commercial resale partners, the end customer and therefore the specific project may not yet be known. In this case it is critical to evaluate the customer base, and make a decision with how to approach the first customer. Options include:

  • Sending an email blast to the customer base describing the value of the WorkXpress partnership, suggesting to the customer Red flags to look for, and finally offering an evaluation of custom software needs.
  • Providing a webinar for the customer base or select group of customers.
  • Directly choose a specific customer to pitch.

Regardless of the method employed, the primary goal (and specific next step at this point) is to:

  • Identify a specific customer to pitch
  • Set a pitch date

With the commitment of a pitch date and customer, one can then train the sales team and prepare the pitch using this article as a guide. Essentially, start with the General Introduction information such as “Is WorkXpress Right for You?” and continue through this process from there.

At the conclusion of this process with the identified customer, you will Gather detailed requirements and develop a legal agreement for the customer to sign.

Project Kickoff

Building a WorkXpress application implies more than just use of a better tool; it means you can also employ a better process. A significant part of what you bring to a project is thorough knowledge of new technologies, capabilities and processes that will benefit the project results.

Please familiarize yourself with WorkXpress implementation procedures beginning with a kickoff meeting and brainstorming session.

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