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The WX Wiki ( is a one-stop shop for all things WorkXpress. Whether you are building a simple public web form or a robust ERP system, chances are you will find answers to your questions here. And if you don't that's our mistake, so be sure to contact your Support representative to get an immediate answer to your question!

How this Wiki is organized

Cut to the Chase

1. Can you think in basic technical terms? Think in Technical Terms.

2. Can you articulate what you want to build? What Can I Build

3. Do you understand the mechanics of the WorkXpress Development Model? Blocks, Layers and Tools

4. Do you understand systems administration and SDLC in WorkXpress? Systems Admin Introduction


This video shows the very beginning stages of building and application:

Concepts covered in this video at these time indicators :

This 10 minute video provides another perspective:

Concepts covered in this video :

Common Challenges

Once you are ready to build your application you will likely encounter one or both of the fundamental types of obstacles that will slow your progress.

Trouble using the tool

First, it may not be clear how certain tools are intended to be used. For this type of obstacle, please review the WX Wiki section entitled “Technical Manual”. This section catalogs each block, it's settings, and it's intended use.

Trouble modeling requirements using blocks and tools

Second, you may sometimes be unsure how to translate your business requirement into some combination of the 5 blocks and/or the 4 tools. This second type of obstacle can be much more challenging. For this, we have created a section “Building your Application” that includes “How-To” articles answering all of the most common questions we receive, grouped by feature type. It also includes actual development diaries, and best-practice or common practice examples.

We encourage you to study this section. If you come to understand and master each of the articles herein, there will not be much that you can't build in WorkXpress.

Examples and Best Practices

Would you like to see how other people went about building applications? The developers diary section features diaries of actual WorkXpress developers building actual applications. It also features a gallery of screenshots, videos and application descriptions that showcase best practices in application design and usability. Specific Best Practices in things like design and usability are also showcased here.

Use this section as a resource to get familiar with WorkXpress concepts and capabilities, but also to sharpen your understanding of what constitutes well-designed software.

Developer Resources

There are many things some consider developer only activities…until now! Some things remain developers only, such as using the WorkXpress API to build integrations, and the CSS Skin Builder to customize the CSS style sheets.

Information about these things are found in the developer resources section.

Support Resources

Our goal is for you to be successful with your project. If you are having any issues, please take advantage of our excellent Support.

Managing Applications

Perform all manner of systems administration and sdlc management from within the WorkXpress platform, accessible at

  • Create new applications
  • Package and deploy applications to Testing and Production environments
  • Create new public and private clouds
  • Install apps onto a cloud
  • Setup data backups
  • Monitor system health
  • …and much more

Payments and your wallet

You will be given your own WorkXpress wallet will be able to process payments and even collect revenues using your WorkXpress account

Here you can Manage your wallet and payments using single, or reoccurring payments into your WorkXpress wallet.

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