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What is WorkXpress


orkXpress is the world's only 5GL (fifth generation software language) PaaS (Platform as a Service). It is a one-stop-shop for everything necessary to build and deploy custom software solutions.

Using WorkXpress, professional developers and non-programmers alike regularly build sophisticated business applications while saving almost 90% development time and cost. They achieve these amazing results by leveraging an intuitively visual, drag and drop, point-and-click, secure, web-based environment.

WorkXpress eliminates the traditional concepts of coding, data modeling and database querying, while automating common systems administration tasks such as maintenance or disaster recovery. These time and cost savings are all possible without purchase of additional hardware or software.

Additionally, WorkXpress offers mobile capabilities and full integrations with 3rd party applications and the latest web-based technologies. Some examples include SMS, Email, FedEx, DocuSign, Google Maps, currency conversions, IVR, Google language translation, FTP services, and many more.

Why WorkXpress (benefits)

At the heart of everything we do is WorkXpress' fundamental value proposition;

  • Highest Quality - Dollar for dollar, WorkXpress' custom applications are the highest quality available. Period.
  • Rapid Development - Cut times by as much as 90%.
  • Flexibility - Employ iterative development processes and remain flexible with change requests.
  • Minimal Staff Training Required - No need to compete for expensive Java developers. WorkXpress makes existing developers 10x more productive, but also allows you to hire anyone with a solid, logical mind and even limited technical expertise.
Systems Administration
  • All of the “Other Things” - WorkXpress provides all of the other things most software buyers don't think about until it's too late: security, compliance, multi-tenancy, billing, auditing, data and disaster recovery, and much, much more. Don't worry, we're thinking ahead for you.
  • A True, Flexible Partnership - we provide low-risk entry points into the cloud computing economy and remain very flexible to your needs. For partners, we support the sales, implementation, and ongoing processes to ensure you have successful customer engagements even with minimal training and/or investment. For customers and partners alike, we stand behind your efforts and ensure your success.
Bottom Line - better software, lower cost, lower risk

About Us – short history

  • 2000 - WorkXpress founders begin study of abstracted development languages and platform-based development

  • 2003 - WorkXpress is incorporated, and work on the worlds first 5GL platform as a service begins

  • 2004 - WorkXpress lands its first beta customers

  • 2005 - WorkXpress lands its first customer that will run almost its entire operations on WorkXpress based software

  • 2007 - A complete, from the ground-up rebuild of WorkXpress begins in earnest

  • 2007 - People first begin to talk about Cloud Computing
  • 2009 - Analyst firms start reporting on WorkXpress

  • 2010 - WorkXpress adds its first commercial partners

  • 2011 - WorkXpress overhauls its PaaS to include an enhanced development UI and improved systems administration tools

  • 2012 - WorkXpress continues to see explosive growth, adding tens of new partners and enjoying 100% revenue growth

  • 2012 - Harrisburg University publishes academic paper validating 5GL development


These are just a few of the analyst comments, awards and publications about WorkXpress over our long history;

  • 2012 Technology Product of the Year (TechQuest)
  • Top 50 SaaS company (SaaS
  • Top 150 Player Cloud Computing (Syscon)
  • Alsbridge - “100 Cloud Vendors you should know”
  • Forrester - “Strong Performer” (2011 Wave)
  • Gartner - “Who's who in PaaS”
  • IDC - “disruptive” (stands to disrupt an entire previous generation of technology)

WorkXpress = New Ideas

The Old Way of Delivering Software


raditional software has been fraught with issues, from failing altogether, to under-delivering, to costing far more than projected. In fact, the Standish Group reports that approximately:

  • 1 in 3 traditional software projects fail
  • 1 in 3 traditional software projects are over budget or under deliver on goals
  • Only 1 in 3 traditional software projects are successful

The traditional software approach fails so commonly due to growing businesses need for flexibility in order to modify and adapt their processes as new ideas emerge.

For many companies, their software has unknowingly become an enemy of success. Because it is so ingrained in their culture and business practices, companies often do not realize how they are being held back by their own software's limitations. Employees and developers spend inordinate amounts of time performing activities that are only necessary because it is what their software tool requires.

New Cloud Computing Methods Bring Success

The new software method, cloud computing, is growing at 26% per year and is projected to reach $150 Billion in revenue. It is proving time and again that it is the most efficient way to deliver software and related services. Cloud computing has three components, one of which is called Platform as a Service.

We Pioneered Platform as a Service and 5GL

Platform as a Service is growing at between 70% and 100% per year and is projected to reach $15 Billion by 2015. Gartner has said that by 2015, most enterprises and every major vendor will have PaaS as a component of their architecture or offering. Forrester has stated that PaaS has crossed into the mainstream, and that by 2015 developers will no longer assemble their own stacks, but rather will rely on PaaS tools to do that. WorkXpress has been doing this from the beginning, and remains the only 5GL PaaS.

Take Charge of Your Software

With WorkXpress, you are in control. You can choose:

  • The features and functions you want
  • Who builds and customizes your features
  • How your data is managed
  • Where your systems are hosted

In short, you are not held hostage to your software.

What Type of Customer Are You

Are you a “customer” or a “partner”? If you plan to resell products or services based on WorkXpress, you are a partner.

Do you want to “DIY - Do it yourself” or are you looking to “Hire a Certified Developer” to do it for you? If you are interested in DIY, then you will need to purchase a developer's license; otherwise, you will need to purchase Professional Services.

Is WorkXpress the Right Fit

In order to establish whether Workxpress is a good fit, it may be helpful to review the following;

Common Questions

At this point, you will likely have many questions ranging from the stability and security of the technology to the strength of WorkXpress as a company and even to what the next steps in this process are. The resources below should answer most of your questions.

Technical Evaluation

It is common to want to perform a hands-on technical evaluation, especially if you are a DIY customer or partner. In order to perform such an evaluation, it is necessary to plan to spend 30-60 minutes reviewing each of the articles below, before getting started;


If you are working with a WorkXpress Certified Partner, they may ask you to confirm your understanding of several key things before investing significant time in gathering detailed requirements and preparing a contract;

Business Evaluation

  • Is the value proposition to your organization clear?
  • Do you understand the general pricing (specific project pricing for a development project may not yet be established)
  • Do you understand the next steps?
  • Is your business team interested and ready to take the next steps?

Technical Evaluation

  • Do you understand the common objections and are there additional technical questions?
  • Do you agree that WorkXpress is a good fit for your specific project or customer base?
  • Is your technical team interested and ready to take the next steps?

Requirements and Contracting

At this point, it is time to get into project specifics. Depending on the type of customer you are, the next steps may vary slightly;

DIY Customers - When the Project is Known

  • Identify the staff that will be building the project
  • Sign any legal agreements
  • Setup the WorkXpress Portal Account (or activate any free trial)
  • Set a date for a kickoff meeting and GET STARTED!

Hire a Certified WX Developer - When the Project is Known

  • Sign any legal agreements
  • Setup the WorkXpress Portal Account (or activate any free trial)
  • Set a date for a kickoff meeting and GET STARTED!

Commercial Resale

Customer Experiences


“WorkXpress is disruptive” - Stefan Ried, PhD, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research wrote in a Twitter Post - IDC Analyst Briefing on PaaS

“Comparing MS Access to WorkXpress is like comparing an old rotary phone to the iPhone” - Tom Lertola, D-I-Y customer

“I have been watching the PaaS space for some time now and have witnessed WorkXpress gain worldwide attention from major analyst firms and clients. WorkXpress is a leader in this space.” - George Fischer, EVP Worldwide Sales and Operations, CA (NYSE: CA). WorkXpress Board Member.

EPS: Custom Event Management

Read the full Case Study in pdf:

“With WorkXpress, we’ve gotten everything we asked for at a fraction of the cost of traditional software solutions and in less than two months. We expect a full return on our investment in under 60 days.” - Eric Kaufman, EPS

EventPro Strategies (EPS), headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the premiere full service event staffing and execution agency in the industry offering clients in-the-field strategy, expertise, innovation, and measurement, at an unsurpassed value.

For more than a year, EPS searched for a customized software solution to consolidate their hundreds of event detailing spreadsheets and thousands of talent and client e-mails. After a few months, it became evident to the company’s chief operating officer, Eric Kaufman, that to consolidate all of their desired workflow processes into a new custom software solution using the traditional development method would be impossible due to the expense.

  • Need: EPS needed to consolidate the hundreds of spreadsheets and e-mails they handled daily into comprehensive event planning and execution software.
  • Solution: WorkXpress created five portals allowing application access anywhere and consolidated and automated workflow to ensure event execution organization.
  • Success: EPS was able to begin using their software less than 2 months from the first build day and receives 80% productivity gains with their new event management solution.

The EPS project was created within five weeks and featured their five portals; talent, client, staff, accounting, and management with all related functionality. Only three additional weeks were needed to fine-tune the software and train staff before implementation. The project was completed on time and on budget. A relatively unusual reality in the world of customized software.

Kaufman said, “I’m sure other business owners can understand, we needed better organization, cleaner processes and a faster way to ensure our clients were successful without any issues. The new EPS Tracker System® 2.0 centralizes pre-event and post-event information while assisting both the client and EPS staff with event execution. Our mission is simple, ‘Provide our clients with the data that they want and need at their fingertips.’ With WorkXpress, we now have the peace of mind to take our business to the next level of world class service.”

ServoLift: Built Their Own Custom ERP

Read the full Case Study in pdf:

“WorkXpress is 10x faster than Access, and has 20x the capability” - Tom Lertola - ServoLift

Servolift is a New Jersey based machinery designer, manufacturer, and reseller. To date, the company has successfully installed their premium manufacturing blenders and lifters in more than 5000 locations worldwide.

  • Need: Servolift needed a highly customized ERP software solution that could consolidate their many Access databases and paper processes. Prior to implementation their WorkXpress software, the company haphazardly ran their operations with constantly failing software that wasted time and caused vast frustration.
  • Solution: WorkXpress provided its platform solution that allowed Tom Lertola of Servolift to build their complex ERP himself without needing to perform any programming. The 5GL build tools from WorkXpress empowered Tom, who is not a programmer, to build their custom software as needed. A feat he would have been unable to do on any other platform.
  • Success: Servolift completed their software project and is now enjoying a 30% time-savings over their previous process. The company saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in customized software expenses while feeling secure that their operation will never again see broken software and plant computer shutdowns due to Access database issues.

The features and functionality, built entirely by Lertola, include: accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management, employee tasks and time off, reminders, international currency conversion, expense reports, internal commissions, sales representative commissions, quoting, purchasing, shipping and receiving, machine tracking by serial number, RMA’s, work orders, service schedule, parts inventory, shop tool tracking, project management, bill of materials, allocation, scheduling, standard assemblies, and model number generation.

Lertola said, “Since we implemented WorkXpress 5 years ago, we’ve been very happy with the level of service we’ve received. If I ever had questions, I knew exactly who to call and was able to secure solutions in a very timely manner.”

R.T. Grim: Custom Software Solution in Record Time

Read the full Case Study in pdf:

“WorkXpress delivered on time, and saved us over 50%” - Mike Wentz – R.T. Grim Operations Manager

R.T. Grim (RTG) is a regional electronics company based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Historically, the company focused on providing service for car audio and video, computers, televisions, camcorders, VCR’s, home stereos, DVD players, and professional audio/visual equipment. As an extension of these electronics capabilities, RTG had bid on and subsequently earned a contract to refurbish Ford Motor Services instrument clusters.

Wentz and his team members searched for an easily customizable platform as a service (PaaS) solution to meet their unique needs. It was essential for the company to be up and running quickly, utilizing a system that could grow and change with their changing needs, and be able to perform specific automated tasks not currently available in any off-the-shelf software.

  • Need: R.T. Grim needed a customized software solution to automate their part and order tasks. The new system needed to be fully functional within three months so their current employees could begin right away. That meant the ability to manipulate a database, log in parts use, and much more without manual data entry or knowledge of programming.
  • Solution: WorkXpress provided bar coded data entry automation, FedEx integration, personalized automated ticket creation and much more all on time and within budget. The 5GL build tools enabled capability and functionality to be built faster than any previous method of software build would have allowed.
  • Success: R.T. Grim is now successfully using their new system with 70% time-savings over their previous method. All of this was completed with a 50% cost savings.

A number of powerful features were implemented for R.T. Grim including a bar code scan to simplify order processing, automation of ticket creation with personalized headers and footers, integration of shipping with FedEx, and a clear system for accountability and tracking with dashboard instrumentation throughout their service pipeline.

Wentz said, “No other customized software solution or platform as a service we researched could have provided us everything we needed and still been on schedule. I have been very impressed with WorkXpress’s ability to provide such complex customization and reporting capability without any programming. Add the excellent customer service we’ve enjoyed and I can honestly say that if I had to make the decision to create more software, WorkXpress would be my first and likely only call.”

Tex Visions: Advanced Customized CRM

Read the full Case Study in pdf:

“We have been very happy with our WorkXpress CRM. It’s increased our productivity by at least 30% and everyone on the system finds it very easy to use and learn.” - Marcel Ruhland, Tex Visions President

Tex Visions is one of the world’s leading custom printing facilities. Located in Pennsylvania, the company has quickly moved from an early phase start-up to an industry leader in custom flags, banners, displays and hardware.

With more than 1000 customers around the world and 20+ employees using an off-the-shelf customer relationship management (CRM) tool, the company decided to seek out a more powerful cloud based software solution to handle and consolidate their fast growing business interests.

  • Need: Tex Visions needed an advanced customized CRM tool to manage their fast growing list of clients, opportunities, and marketing initiatives. They liked their previous CRM but realized that it wasn’t particularly sophisticated. With sales growing so quickly, their sales team needed a higher level of automation for follow-ups and tracking leads. In addition, management wanted to create complex reports on sales activity.
  • Solution: WorkXpress built a fully customized, advanced CRM that delivered a customer portal, lead tracking, automated quote generation and much more. Using the 5GL build tools saved Tex Visions thousands of dollars while providing a first rate PROJECT MANAGEMENT.
  • Success: Tex Visions has enjoyed a 30% gain in productivity levels and sales have increased through a more focused sales pipeline and structured lead tracking.

Tex Visions now enjoys features including: lead tracking, automated alerts for lead follow-ups, scheduling capability, e-mail integration, voice over internet (VoIP) call integration, outgoing VoIP call integration, fax integration, custom quote generation, and complex sales and marketing reporting.

Engagement and Pricing

Engaging WorkXpress is easy. First, determine whether you are using this software internally or for commercial purposes. Then, determine whether you wish to do it yourself (DIY) or hire us to do it for you (SaaS).


Internal Use

If your company is simply seeking software to use, then you qualify as an “Internal Use” customer.

  • DIY Internal Use Customers will use their own developers to build applications and provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Internal Use customers will engage WorkXpress to provide customization services, Tier 2 and Tier 3 support

Commercial Use

If your company is seeking to resell WorkXpress software or services based on WorkXpress software then you are a “Commercial Use” customer.

  • DIY Commercial Use Customers will use their own developers to build applications and provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Commercial Use customers will engage WorkXpress to provide customization services, Tier 2 and tier 3 support.

See Commercial Use and Resale for additional info.

Further Reading

  • I want to build - For people interested in learning about building your desired application yourself.
  • I want to hire - For people interested in hiring WorkXpress to build your desired application for you.
  • I want to sell - For people interested in reselling a WorkXpress application to other customers.
  • Commonly asked questions - including security questions, cloud computing, technical, business/competitive and more.
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