What can I build?

Probably the most important thing a new WorkXpress builder or commercial partner can do is familiarize themselves with the diverse array of capabilities of the platform. Being able to Brainstorm and Empower effective and efficient applications with new tools and capabilities is so critical to any projects success, and just not possible if the brainstormers aren't aware of the capabilities of the platform.

The following video will help to show you what tools are in your toolbelt;

Application Types

Here is a partial list of the types of applications people have built in WorkXpress

  • Claims management
  • Inventory
  • Contact management (CRM)
  • ERP
  • Web based submissions
  • Approval process
  • Document storage/retrieval
  • Metrics capture/reporting
  • Quality control
  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Program operation/mgmt
  • Human resources
  • Medical case mgmt
  • Regulatory control
  • Licensing application/tracking/renewal
  • Contract management
  • Resource scheduling
  • Project management
  • Staffing and event
  • Intake

Incorporate Cutting Edge Technologies

Technology is constantly changing. Today, everyone understands that all new focus is on web based technologies. Most vendors are producing applications that interact via the web. Most integration’s are now occurring using web services.

In fact, even the traditional “big name” vendors are trying to figure out how to retroactively connect their older products into the web.

WorkXpress puts a strategic focus on embracing new technologies on behalf of our clients and adapting those technologies into our client's applications. A choice for WorkXpress is a choice to have access to all of the leading edge technologies, not just today, but in the future as well. Examples include:
  • Mobile smartphone and tablet-based access

  • Shipping

  • Email

  • Calendaring, contact and task synchronization

  • PDF documentation, spreadsheet generation and more

  • Conversions

  • Mapping
  • Web Stores

  • Telephony

  • Computerized Calling and Touchtone Response

  • SMS and Texting

  • Banking and Finance

  • HR and Payroll

  • …and much much more
By choosing a 5GL Cloud Computing platform, you are choosing to have access to every modern technology and vendor.

Mobile Enabled

WorkXpress applications are html 5 compliant meaning that any modern browser on any mobile device is capable of viewing WorkXpress applications.

For tablet size devices this is frequently acceptable with little or no extra effort.

However for smaller form factor devices such as PDA phones this is only acceptable for limited use. For these smaller devices, WorkXpress builders will create smaller form factor screens and interfaces targeted to PDA phone users.

It is important to note that with iOS6 and with the expanding capabilities of html 5, browsers are being given increasing levels of control over the device functions themselves, such as taking pictures, accessing the GPS system, offline data storage, and more. Because of this, browser based applications are increasingly worthy competitors to native applications, which themselves are much more expensive to build and maintain across a wide range of platforms and devices.

WorkXpress continues to invest in empowering its builders with the capability to rapidly and effectively build world class mobile solutions.

Example Applications

See Application Examples for screenshots and videos of actual WorkXpress applications. Use these examples to develop an incredible vision for how your software can function more smoothly. Some examples include:

Recruitment Tool

Recruitment Application by Cloudsuite Company: Cloudsuite Built by: Stuart Peck, Founder, Cloudsuite Hours to build: unknown Internal or Commercial: Commercial use. Multi-tenant, resale

Application description: Cloudsuite is used by recruiting firms to manage their recruitment process. This includes areas for recruiters, finance, job hunters, employers, e-learning and administration.

CRM tool

CRM Application by WorkXpress Company: WorkXpress Built by: Various Hours to build: 200 Internal or Commercial: Publicly available

Application description: CRM application presents a better way to manage a complex sales process. Entities (called “opportunities”) are moved through a pipeline logging notes, queuing up next activities, recording qualification and forecasting criteria. Managers can look at aggregate data or individual data about quantity of sales activity, forecasts, and pipeline advancement.

Non-Profit tool

Nonprofit Application by Forgotten Voices Company: Forgotten Voices Built by: Noah Coburn Hours to build: 80 Internal or Commercial: Internally used, but available upon request

Application description: This application manages projects through a proposal and approval process.

Enterprise Security tool

Enterprise Security Application by ITADS Company: ITADS Built by: Various Hours to build: 480 Internal or Commercial: Commercial

Application description: In a time when enterprise data breaches are at an all time high, and when the penalties for data breach are steep, The Watchdog monitors enterprise networks for devices which may contain secured or privacy data. Any changes in the status of these devices are immediately brought to the attention of network administrators, and various remediation processes are orchestrated. This application is available for purchase from ITADS.

Transportation Management tool

Transportation Application by ShipmentDocs Company: ShipmentDocs Built by: Siobhan Hyser Hours to build: 360 Internal or Commercial: Commercial

Application description: This multi-tenant dashboard for all things related to freight forward and customs clearance is used by carriers, shippers, freight forwarders, buyers and sellers in North America. It presents a simple common place where all parties to a shipment can go and find the status of their shipment as well as any next steps required of them or another party. This application is highlighted by a sophisticated interface, alerts and notifications and embedded workflow.

Project Management tool

Project Management Application by HC Nye Company Company: HC Nye Built by: Siobhan Hyser Hours to build: 120 Internal or Commercial: Internal

Application description: This single-tenant application manages all aspects of lead generation, estimating, bidding and delivering commercial HVAC equipment. It was designed to replace large quantities of paper, spreadsheets, email and other document types, and in so doing, reduce confusion, increase revenues, and reduce costs.

Event Staffing

Event Staffing Application by Silhouettes Company: Silhouettes Built by: Noah Coburn Hours to build: 480 Internal or Commercial: Internal

Application description: This event staffing application focus on employee management, event scheduling and billing. The employee management tools include an employee portal, an intelligent document requirements/management system, a jobs notification system and finally a job management, check in and post analysis system. The event scheduling tools allow complex scheduling of events with many locations in different time zones, each with different shifts, each shift needing different roles filled. Employees can check in and out of jobs via SMS. Finally, the billing system verifies employee documentation, timesheets and expenses, and can be integrated with most popular payroll providers.

Complex Scheduling

Complex Scheduling Application by Connect-And-Sell Company: Connect and Sell Built by: Siobhan Hyser Hours to build: 80 Internal or Commercial: Internal

Application description: This application provides a sophisticated scheduling capability. As resources are made available, those resources appear in a range of relevant formats to the consumer. Based on contract data maintained in the application, consumers are allowed to select from the available scheduling resources. Billing information based on the contracts is generated automatically.

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