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Company Cloudsuite Application Description Cloudsuite is used by recruiting firms to manage their recruitment process. This includes areas for recruiters, finance, job hunters, employers, e-learning, and administration.
Built by Stuart Peck, Founder, Cloudsuite
Hours to build unknown
Internal or Commercial Commercial,
Multi-tenant, Resale
The dashboard provides a quick overview of the recruiter's goals, task, and communications. Here, the recruiter can see statistics on their placement efforts, their task list, interviews that are scheduled this week with candidates, and email messages.
On the Recruitement Suite dashboard, the recruiter can see in-depth information about their candidates and client vacancies.
The candidate list has powerful search features allowing recruiters to search for any bit of information, from a telephone number to a phrase in a CV to the type of position the candidate is seeking. Recruiters can also review placed candidates.
Clicking on a candidate name opens a popup with detailed information about the candidate. There is a place for a recruiter to place note about the candidate and see information about interviews the candidate has been on, as well as see related documents and other information.
In the Finance Suite, users can keep track of accounts, invoices, and budgetting. Reporting features allow users to produce professional reports.
Candidates can see their upcoming interviews and track their job search progress in the Candidate Lounge.
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