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How We Work (hint: it's like going to Disneyland)

With new technologies, we need new methods. We're all tired of the old way of doing software. Similar to some newer ideas like “Rapid Application Development” and “Scrum”, WorkXpress has a proven methodology that empowers and engages your team, minimizes risk of project failure, and…it's fun! One WorkXpress partner described our method as “The Disneyland of Software Development”! So throw out the red tape, start thinking outside the box, and let's build some software!


Studies show that the average Specification Document is over 100 pages, changed over 20 times, and often not read thoroughly by critical stakeholders. This means that what you agree to pay someone to build may not be what you want!

WorkXpress cuts through all of this red tape. Instead of getting you to sign off on specification documents, we spend our time talking with you and your users about the things they really need to do their work more efficiently.

Our process begins with brainstorming sessions where our experienced software development experts ask all the right questions to get your users to tell them what sorts of features, functions and screen layouts will maximize their effectiveness.

Because this process is so engaging, you will find that your users will take a genuine interest in the production with pride in the eventual outcome, which means a win-win for everyone!


During the brainstorming process, we repeatedly deliver three key messages to your team;

Message 1 - New Technologies! There are many new technologies that you have available that you may not realize are possible. This includes things like email integration, SMS texting, mapping, bar coding, language translation, and much more. We make it our goal to make sure that your team is considering all of the newest capabilities so that you can have the best possible solution.

Message 2 - Think Creatively! Don’t worry about “what’s possible”, worry about what the perfect solution might look like. Frequently, people restrict their vision because of an artificial sense of what’s realistic. We encourage your staff members to free themselves to imagine the most streamlined and efficient solutions possible. We’ll sort out the implementation hurdles, if any, later.

Message 3 - Don't Worry! It’s okay to make mistakes. Often, people are reluctant to brainstorm ideas because of the consequences of being wrong. We let your team know plainly that we expect to change course mid-stream, and to make changes as we go through the process. In fact, this is a part of our process. This way, people don’t have to worry about being wrong, because anything not right will be fixed later.


Iteration is the single most important factor guaranteeing you with a successful software product. WorkXpress employs a highly iterative development process.

Beginning with week 1, we like to turn work back to the client for review, testing and feedback. According to the client’s feedback from this process, we commonly adjust development features, priorities and plans according to the clients specific needs and requests.

This iterative process is the ultimate risk mitigation technique for our you. It insures that you will end the fixed-budget process with the best possible software, and without additional costs in change-orders or new requests.

Application Usage Training

Initial Training

Training of “expert users” will occur naturally during the iterative development process. It is our experience that by the time of production deployment, you will have at least one expert user on staff amply able to train subsequent users. However, WorkXpress can provide additional staff training on request and will gladly produce training materials for user groups as the project requires.

Ongoing Issue Resolution - WorkXpress will assign a dedicated support representative to your account. You may contact this representative at any time, or use our general support email at support@workxpress.com. As described in your contract documentation, WorkXpress will address Tier 3 and other support issues as per our terms of service and online at www.workxpress.com/legal or as referenced in the final contract documentation.

Can't wait to get started?

Start the process by contacting your sales rep. Don't have one? We will have one contact you!


Meet Your Team

Treff LaPlante, CEO


aPlante drives the vision of making complex data driven software applications easy, fast and affordable for organizations of all sizes. The result is the WorkXpress platform, which reduces traditionally complex programming and systems administration tasks to simple point-and-click interfaces in a language that untrained people can understand. WorkXpress has demonstrated development time reductions versus the traditional approach in excess of 90%, and without any programming required or feature loss.

Treff’s guidance helped power the cloud computing based WorkXpress to be noticed by the largest analyst firms in the world including Forrester, Gartner and Tier 1 Research. Each has actively written about the WorkXpress Platform, calling it “disruptive” and a strong performer in the fast growing Platform as a Service space.

LaPlante is actively involved in the fast growing cloud computing space. He is regularly called upon by media to conduct seminars and offer insight into the intricacies, benefits and future of the cloud. In 2010, CloudSlam featured Treff as one of its premier speakers and Intellect Resources requested multiple presentations about the cloud and security for their base of health IT executives.

In addition to speaking roles, Treff is an active member of the cloud and virtualization blogging community. In 2010, he was named one of the Top 30 Virtualization Bloggers in the World by Sys-Con Media. He is also a weekly feature blogger for the prestigious “Gadget Cube” blog on the Central Penn Business Journal website. Other publications and sites he has written for include CloudBook.net, ModernAnalyst.com, and Ulitzer.com.

Treff’s career has spanned more than 20 years in the emerging technology space. As director of operations for eBay's HomesDirect, he created strategic relationships with Fortune 500 companies and worked towards the sale of the company to eBay. Prior to that LaPlante was director of strategy at Vivendi-Universal Interactive. Here he conducted strategic and M&A activities, and applied quantitative management principles to sales, marketing, and product line functions. He served as the point person for the management team that sold Cendant Software to Vivendi-Universal.

Treff began his career as a commodities trader brokering goods to and from the then dissolving Soviet Union. Treff received his MBA from Pepperdine University and a BS in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

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Noah Coburn, Manager of Customer Engagements


oah Coburn leads all customer application development and support initiatives at WorkXpress and supervises a team of implementers. At any point in time, Noah will may have approximately ten customer projects in various phases of implementation under his supervision. Noah likes to take a proactive approach to customer communication and personally leads each and every customer meeting. Noah’s track record of success in creating happy customers is unparalleled in the industry today.

Noah hails from Liberty University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Mathematics.

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Drew McLain, Director of Technology


rew oversees all platform development at Express Dynamics turning vision into a reality and delivering the first software platform of its kind, the WorkXpress™ engine. Drew has broad experience in platforms, systems, scripted and compiled languages.

Drew began his career as a web developer working for both Global Internet Associates and GE Capital Mortgage Services. At GE, Drew became the lead programmer for the division's intranet and after successful completion of this project he assumed similar responsibilities for GE's Supply and Support division.

Drew then went on to lead development of revolutionary real estate management software for Real Estate Trading Systems based in San Bernardino, CA. Next he led a team to reengineer a web based consumer real estate application for Weichert Rental Network in Philadelphia, PA.

During his time at Interactive Services Group he was responsible for creating an enterprise system for order tracking, invoicing and trouble tickets. While at HomeNet, Inc. he created, configured and deployed custom web-based inventory management applications for the automotive industry. Additionally, he led a team of developers to standardize product lines and to simplify the technology for the end user.

Drew is a graduate of Kutztown University where he earned a Bachelor's of Computer and Information Science and Technology.

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