Platform Release Notes

Platform Version 15.07.1115

Query and Expression Builder Changes

  • Ability to Read (Expressions) and write (queries) to Session Variables.


  • Non-Authenticated Access to pages is now available.
  • Page URIs can now be defined for any page directly in the settings for the page. These URIs can be used to render this page with, or without an authenticated user.
  • When a page requires authentication, the method of authentication must be chosen: Default, Page Picker, or URI. Page Picker and URI can be used to send the user to another page built in the app that is setup as an authentication system, for modifying emails, adding multi-factor authentication, etc.
  • Page URIs can contain variables using the { variable name } syntax. These variables from the URI are then available on the page.
  • Non Authenticated Users on a Build application do NOT have access to the tools.
  • Pages can now be setup as requiring, or not requiring authentication. By default, all pages require authentication.

Action Type - Open Page

  • Open Page Actions can now open a URI, or a Page.

App Settings Tab

  • A new tab has been added to the top of the application in build mode that has field grids on it for all Application Table settings.
  • A page can now be chosen as the default Index page for the application, directing to that page when a user goes to, say, with no URI.. what page loads?

Action Type - Set Tenant

  • App Developers can now either change the Tenant for a record permanently, or change the Tenant for the currently authenticated user temporarily (for this session) through a mechanic on the Set Tenant Action.
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