Transportation Management tool

Company ShipmentDocs Application Description This multi-tenant dashboard for all things related to freight forward and customs clearance is used by carriers, shippers, freight forwarders, buyers and sellers in North America.
It presents a simple common place where all parties to a shipment can go and find the status of their shipment as well as any next steps required of them or another party. This application is highlighted by a sophisticated interface, alerts and notifications and embedded workflow.
Built by Siobhan Hyser
Hours to build 360
Internal or Commercial Commercial
The dashboard provides an overview of all shipments for a company. A user can see each role in the supply chain and click on that role to perform actions, such as sending a message or changing the company in that role. Documents are also managed from the dashboard, with an icon representing each document. A small overlay icon on each document allows the user to see at a glance if a they need to upload a document, if there is a problem with a document, and other statuses.
Clicking on a company that has been assigned a role in the supply chain allows users to perform actions.
More detailed information about the shipment can be found by clicking on the shipment ID from the dashboard. Everything about the shipment is viewed here - an activity log of users and what actions they performed, documents related the to shipment, alerts about the shipment, and more.
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