Record Inspector


The Record Inspector is for examining and editing the fields of a record or examining other records associated with the record being inspected

Accessing the Record Inspector

There are three ways to access the record inspector either using the tools section of the WorkXpress Handbook when viewing a page about the record, or using the Application Explorer to find the record and clicking on the id link, or by clicking on the link for a record inside of the associated records portion of the record inspector.


Data Fields

The data fields section of the record inspector will show the current values for the fields that are associated to the table the record is from. In the example above the record is from the Contact table and the contact table has several fields associated it with it. The values for the fields can be edited by clicking on the edit wrench. The stored value for the field can be edited and viewed by clicking on the expand button. The ability to edit records with this tool is for development and testing purposes when it might be necessary to edit values that are not in an interface. It is not recommended to use this tool as an administration system.

System Fields

The system fields are fields that are created and populated by the system automatically. While it is possible to edit the values of the system fields it is not recommended.

Associated Records

The associated records section of the record inspector is a tree of items that are connected to this record via relationships or data base driven selection fields. The record inspector for an associated record can be opened by cliking on the “Inspect Me” links.

Nondata Fields

The nondata fields the section shows the fields that are associated to the table the record is about that do not store data such as links and expression fields. This section is for reference only

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