Block Creator

The Block Creator is the panel at the bottom of your screen when you are in the development role of an application. This panel allows you to create new instances of the Five Blocks of WorkXpress: tables, forms, fields, relationships, and actions.

Toggle the Layers

Next to the buttons to create blocks, you will see the buttons to toggle the Three Layers: presentation, database, and automation.

These buttons allow you to interact with the various layers of your application by displaying the control points for forms and fields.

Recycle Bin

The recycle icon next to the layers toggle allows you to remove or delete a field or form from the interface. Actions are deleted through the Action Manager. When you click on the recycle bin, you will get a popup asking you to select which items you would like to remove. You then select items on the screen and choose to detach (remove from the current interface) or delete (remove permanently from the application).

Using the scroll bar to select Fields and Forms

When you start the “Choose Fields or Forms to remove” wizard your browser window's scrollbar will expand, allowing you to scroll the content behind this window down so that you can reach any field or form on the page.

For example:

Notice in this screenshot that the browser window's scroll bar on the right is very long, allowing the builder to scroll the page's content behind the Wizard all the way up. It will allow the builder to choose fields or forms from the very top of the page to the very bottom, unobstructed.

WorkXpress Handbook

Next to the recycle bin, you'll see the WX Handbook. The Handbook provides quick access to many features of WorkXpress, such as editing a table name, deleting relationship tables, and various Builder Tools such as the Record Inspector and Action Log.

Handbook Expanded

Application Explorer

The Application Explorer allows you to view the overall structure of your application. You can see more details about tables, forms, and fields and how they are related to one another.

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