Custom URL Manager


The Custom URL Manager is used to add, edit, or delete custom urls in the system. The urls may be manually created using the Custom URL Manager or they may come from the Generate Custom Static URLs action.

Accessing the Custom URL Manager

The Custom URL Manager can be accessed using the tools section of the WorkXpress Handbook.

Adding Custom URLs

When adding a custom url the first setting that must be set is if this url is included as part of the application. If the url is part of the application then it will automatically be included in new installations of the application and will be automatically updated with new version of the application. A custom url that does not become part of the application will only exist in the instance of the application in which it was created. Non-application urls can be helpful for the builder to test functionality or to quickly access parts of the system as the application is being built.

There are several setting for a custom url.


The URI is the part after the main address. So in /test/123 is the URI.

Auto Login Username

If no auto login username is provided then when a user goes to the url if he or she is not already logged in then they will be prompted with a login screen and then redirected to the page specified for the url.

If an auto login username is provided then when a user goes to the url if he or she is not already logged in then they will be logged in as that user and redirected to the page specified for the url.

If a user is already logged in and goes to the url they will be redirected to the page specified without going to the login page. If the auto login username is specified and is different then the currently logged in user then the user will be changed to the one specified by the auto login setting.

One common use of the auto login username setting is to generate a public facing page such as a registration page where the user being used for the login has limited access to the system and can complete the single task that the page is for.


Set the page you wish the user to see when they click the URL.

Record ID

If the page needs to be about a specific record in the system then its id needs to be specified here.

Expiration Date

URLs can be set to expire at a specific time. If a user attempts to access a url after its expiration date then he or she will be redirected to the login page.

Editing Custom URLs

To edit a custom URL regardless of how it was generated simply click on the edit wrench in the row of the url that needs to be edited. After the values are changed click the save button and the url will be updated and any changes will go in effect immediately.

Deleting custom URLs

To delete a custom url regardless of how it was added simply click on the checkbox(es) next to the urls that need to deleted and click on the “Delete” button at the bottom of the list. The urls will be deleted immediately and any further attempts to access the url will redirect the user to the login screen and the normal login procedure will apply.

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