The currency Field stores a monetary value. It works much like a number Field but has been slightly modified. For instance, a currency Field will never show the value 34.2. Instead, it will show $34.20.

How to Create

  1. Click the to add a field in your form.
  2. Choose “New Field”
  3. Select the table you wish to add the field to. Most of the time, this will be the current table you are on, called the current context.
  4. Select a field name and click “Choose Type”.
  5. Choose “Currency” from the list of field types.
  6. You can continue adding fields or click the “Select” button to finish adding.


Field features can be edited by clicking on the orange field icon when the presentation layer is displayed.

Field Label

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Field Format

Block Association

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Audit History

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Output formats

The currency Field has two different output formats:

  • Full Field - This output format returns the entire dollar amount, including a dollar sign. Thus, a typical output might be $4.40.
  • Number Only - This output format returns only the number stored in the currency Field. The value $4.40 would be displayed as 4.4

Acceptable inputs

The currency Field accepts the same input as any number Field. All numerical characters are allowed as well as one decimal. Any other characters will cause the currency Field to fail validation. Since the Field accepts only numbers, and no other characters (including dollar signs), the expression for defaulting a currency Field should result in a number with no symbols. Thus if defaulting a currency Field to the value of another currency Field, the “Number Only” output format should be used


The currency field can be filtered using any of the number-type filters.

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