Audit this Field (Field Setting)

Sometimes when a user changes the value of a Field, either through editing a Form on a Page with the field on it, or through Automation, an audit trail needs to be tracked that records which user, and when this change was made, and also what the value was before the change was made. By enabling this setting, your application will begin tracking exactly that, at the field level. This is a global field setting, meaning you enable to feature for the field, and anywhere it's value is changed the audit history will grow.

A separate setting, Show Audit History, controls whether or not the interface for reviewing the audit history of a particular field is shown. This is a local setting, which means you can control it for every form that a field appears on.

If you desire to track the last time a record was edited (any field was changed), or when a record was created, and by whom, you'll need to create fields to store this information, and automation to set those fields when the appropriate operations happen.

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