Display Alternate Label (Field Setting)

Some fields have an option to display an alternate field label. This is helpful if you need to distinguish between fields in the developer view but that the end user does not need to see.

For example, you might have several dates on a table handling contracts.

  • The date that a proposal goes out.
  • The date that a proposal is won or lost.
  • The date that a contract is signed.

As a developer, you might want to see these fields listed together as follows:

  • Date - Proposal Sent
  • Date - Proposal Won/Lost
  • Date - Contract Signed

However, you may want more user-friendly text for your users. You would use the Display Alternate Text option to show something else. For example:

  • Proposal Sent to Prospect
  • Proposal Result
  • Contract Signed on

You will still see your field names when working in the Developer mode, but your users will see the alternate text.

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