The PayPal field allows a software developer to show a button that initiates a PayPal Express Checkout payment session. Options are available to define a single line item to pay for with Pay Pal inside the PayPal pages in a popup window. PayPal's page that will open defaults to the “no PayPal account” option so credit card information can be provided. It is still possible for the end user to pay with their PayPal account if they so choose, and only instant payment methods will be accepted. To read more about PayPal Express Checkout including fees visit

This field does not have a stored value and will not run save actions or interface actions.

How to Create

  1. Click the to add a field in your form.
  2. Choose “New Field”
  3. Select the table you wish to add the field to. Most of the time this will be the current table you are on, called the current context.
  4. Enter a field name and click “Choose Type”.
  5. Choose “PayPal” from the list of field types.
  6. You will be prompted to provide expressions that will define the critical values required to processes a PayPal Payment.
  7. You can continue adding fields or click the “Select” button to finish adding.
  8. After the field is added to the screen edit the configuration to add the details of the PayPal configuration.


Field Label

Grid Appearance


Block Association

PayPal Credentials

PayPal Charge

PayPal Checkout Page

Payment Processing

When a single payment or billing agreement is made they will be automatically redirected to a page in WorkXpress that shows a “Processing” message. This page will look for an incoming ESB Profile setup to receive and process Paypal payments or receive billing agreement details.

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