PayPal API Signature (Field Setting)

The PayPal API Signature is provided by PayPal to allow API access.

Obtaining PayPal Credentials

To obtain PayPal Credentials you will need a Verified PayPal Business Account and a PayPal Sandbox Account. A PayPal Sandbox Account allows the Application Developer to build and test the application without using real money or paying PayPal fees. Applications that are Development or Testing will only make calls to the sandbox. Only applications that are in Production can make calls to the live PayPal environment and all calls that are completed in Production will incur real money transfers and PayPal fees.

PayPal Sandbox Credentials

  • Register as a PayPal Developer on the Developer website
  • Create a set of sandbox accounts by clicking on the “Applications” header and then the “Sandbox accounts” option. The Application Developer will need two sandbox accounts to complete testing: one that is a Business Type for receiving payments and one that is a Personal Type for making payments.
  • Login to the PayPal Sandbox site using the credentials that are setup for the Business account.
  • Follow the steps for looking up the PayPal API Credentials.

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PayPal API Credentials

  • Login to your PayPal Account. (For production credentials login to the PayPal live site. For development or testing credentials login to the PayPal sandbox site.
  • Click on the “Profile” Header
  • Click on the “My selling tools” Navigation
  • Click on “Update” on the API access row
  • Click “View API Signature”
  • Here you will find your PayPal API Signature.
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