Multiple Part

The multiple part field allows a Software Developer the ability to group several pieces of information together in the same way that an address or telephone field does. The Software Developer can define as many parts as they would like.

How to Create

  1. Click the to add a field in your form.
  2. Choose “New Field”
  3. Select the table you wish to add the field to. Most of the time, this will be the current table you are on, called the current context.
  4. Select a field name and click “Choose Type”.
  5. Choose “Multi Part” from the list of field types.
  6. You can continue adding fields or click the “Select” button to finish adding.
  7. After the field is added to the screen edit the configuration to add the parts to saved.


Field Label

Grid Appearance


Block Association

Field Parts


Audit History

View Only

Field parts

The Multiple Part field has a variable number of field parts depending on the builders configuration.

Output formats

The Multiple Part field has a variable number of output formats one for each part the builder creates. This allows a builder to pull individual pieces of data from the field in expressions and actions.

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