The Counter Field Type allows a Software Developer to create a counter that either goes up from 00:00 indefinitely, or down from a set number of seconds stored in the field. The Software Developer is given the option to execute actions along the way, at intervals of every so many seconds, and when the counter, counting down, hits 00:00.

You can set the time to start counting down from by storing a value in seconds in this Field through automation.

A Counter Field will display a minimum of 4 digits: XX:XX when counting down and under one hour of time on the Counter. When set to count up and given a negative number of seconds, the Counter will display red.

How to Create

  1. Click the to add a field in your form.
  2. Choose “New Field”
  3. Select the table you wish to add the field to. Most of the time, this will be the current table you are on, called the current context.
  4. Select a field name and click “Choose Type”.
  5. Choose “Counter” from the list of field types.
  6. You can continue adding fields or click the “Select” button to finish adding.
  7. After the field is added to the screen edit the configuration to add the parts to saved.


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