Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - PayPal Reference Transaction


This data handler takes data from a PayPal Reference Transaction Data Source and creates/updates records in a table selected and saves the values into fields on the table

This feature will be available in Platform Version 14.05.852.


There is two configuration options in this data handler.

  • Reload Behavior - When the payment is completed in PayPal the user will be redirected to a page in the WorkXpress Application where the data will be gathered and the payment completed. After the payment is complete the popup will close. This option will allow the software developer to determine what happens to the page below the popup. The options are to reload the layout that contains the PayPal Button, to reload the page that contains the PayPal Button, or to do nothing to the opening page.
  • Payments should be managed in this WorkXpress Table - This is the table that will be used to create or update records when the payment data is collected. If a record is found with a matching PayPal Express Checkout Token then that record will be updated otherwise an empty record will be created.

Field Mapping

The field mapping interface will allow the software developer to choose a fields on the table selected in the options above or to use a query to find a field on related records to the record created by the data handler.

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