Did a field change?

Query for a record or set of records and choose a field to evaluate for it's value changing. This evaluation will pass if the field on all of the records changed and will fail if any record's field did not change.


Evaluations have two automation triggers associated with them : Then and Else. Actions under the “Then” automation trigger execute when the evaluation passes, and actions under the “Else” automation execute when the evaluations fails.

Field changed evaluations are used to execute a set of actions if a certain field on certain records have changed, and another set of actions if those fields have not changed.

Example : Suppose an application contains a table called Contact's, and on this table are three field's, First Name, Last Name and Contact Name. If a builder wants to copy Last Name, First Name into Contact Name, they could add a set field value action to update of the table, or on both First and Last Name; however not wrapping these in a field changed evaluation would make the application do un-necessary work. There'd be no change on Contact Name if First Name or Last Name hadn't changed. To accomplish executing this set field value action only when necessary, it can be placed on the Then automation trigger of a field changed evaluation, and then it will only trigger when one these fields change.


Query a field on one or many records

Use the query builder to define one or many records and a field on those records to evaluate for a change.

Select a type of change to evaluate

Select the type of change you’re searching for. A non-numeric value will always fail an increase or decrease evaluation.

Describe this action

Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the Action Manager.

Queue this action and children

When an action is queued, the subsequent actions continue to process without it. Meanwhile, the queued action and its children process separately. Queue actions that you don't want a user to wait for.

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