When a User interacts with a Timeslot (Form Setting)

For all views this controls what happens when a User clicks, or drags and drops in a day or over several hours. The options are “Add Event” and “Drill Down to the Day View”.

Drill Down to the Day View

When Drill Down to the Day View is selected, clicking in an open area of a time slot on the Calendar will switch the view one level deeper. Month View will load Week View, and Week View will load Day View.

Add Event

When Add Event is selected, clicking or dragging in an open area of a time slot on the Calendar will open the page that you select. During the “When Page Loads” Form Automation Trigger, you have access to the Calendar Event Start Time and Calendar Event End Time global variables in any Action Expression defined. This allows you to load an Add Event page, and set the Start and End times based on where the User dragged and dropped.

There are two other variables available:

Calendar Event Calendar View - This variable will tell you which view they are coming from. Calendar Event All Day - This variable will be “true” if they clicked in the All Day are of a Calendar, and “false” if not.

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