Application Tabs

At the top of each page of a WorkXpress application has an area reserved for navigational application tabs. These tabs are optional, but are helpful when producing a large application with distinct differentiation between departments, or for small applications where one tab per table is desired.

Here is an example of an application with application tabs enabled:

Configure the application tabs by turning on the presentation layer and clicking the blue “Tabs” icon in the top left corner of any application. Each tab gets it's own row in the “Application Tab Settings” list.

Tab Title

Enter the displayed name of this tab.

Tab's Landing Page

This page will load anytime the corresponding tab is clicked on, including: First, the user is in a different tab and clicks on this tab. Second, the user is deep within this tab and then clicks on this tab.

Security Map

Define a search. If the search returns a result, the tab will be shown. A typical search might be “Find any 'group member' relationship between current user and the supervisor group…”

Tab Order

Tabs are displayed in order (least to greatest) based on the number entered here.

The setting on page form's called Associated Tab controls which tab appears highlighted when that page is loaded.

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