Create Record

Create record actions are used to automatically create a new record in whichever table is specified.


Create record actions are used whenever a record should be created automatically without user input or whenever the user-input information was obtained beforehand.

Additional actions can be attached to a create record action on either the red global automation trigger or the yellow local trigger. Actions on the global trigger will run anytime a record is updated in this table throughout the application. If you only want these actions to run the first time a record is added, use an evaluation to check the current operation is “Add”. Actions on the local trigger will run during this instance of the create record action only, so no evaluation is required. Actions on either trigger will inherit the context of the record which will be created when the action executes.

Example: Suppose someone wished to create a corresponding Contact record whenever a User record was created. They would simply create an What operation is a record undergoing? evaluation on the User table's global trigger to ensure the User is being added. Then inside the “if” part of the evaluation, create a record create action to create a Contact record. They would then create a series of set field value actions attached to the record create action on the yellow local trigger to copy pertinent data from the User to the Contact.


Select the Table to create a Record in

When this action runs, it will create a single record in the specified table.

Disable associated Table Actions

Check this box to disable all actions associated with the table the record is getting created in. Actions locally associated with this create record action will still run.

Describe this action

Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the Action Manager.

Queue this action and children

When an action is queued, the subsequent actions continue to process without it. Meanwhile, the queued action and its children process separately. Queue actions that you don't want a user to wait for.

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