Transaction Amount (Field Setting)

Transaction Amount is a query that determines what record or relationship and Field is used to look up the Transaction Amount to charge when the field is saved for the first time with valid credit card values.

Important Note: The amount value must be stored in the database prior the the Credit Card field being displayed on the screen.

Field Behavior

The processing of transactions using the Transaction Amount setting will cause several changes in the field's rendering behavior. Under certain conditions the field will render in a non-editable state even when the Form that it is on is editable. This is due to the way that the field processes transactions.

Transaction Already Processed

Because the field stores the Braintree transaction id as one of the field parts it can only be used to process one transaction per record that it stores a value on. Because of this the field will display as non-editable even on editable forms and when the field saves it will NOT re-process the transaction.

Credit Card Token Stored

Using a default value or set field value actions to copy the value from one credit card field to another it is possible that a field setup to process payment already has payment information saved into it. When this situation occurs the field will render as non-editable but when the field saves it WILL process a new transaction against the payment method stored in the field. If the transaction does not process then the source field probably has a transaction id stored in it and the reason the field is displayed as non-editable is because it looks like the transaction has already been processed. If that is the case it is possible to use a set field value to clear the old transaction id before rendering the field. To allow the user to change the payment method you will need to setup additional elements to work with this field. This Best Practice Article details these additional elements.

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