Arithmetic (Expression Function)


The Arithmetic function (+=()) is to perform basic arithmetic calculations including +,-,/, and *. Parenthesis can also be used to clarify or determine order of operations. The wizard version will accept to inputs and one operation but the advanced interface will allow for more complex mathematics. The arithmetic function does conform to the standard order of operations terms inside parentheses followed by multiplication or division and lastly addition or subtraction. Operations at the same level of order will be performed left to right


The Arithmetic function has one parameters:


Allowed Inputs: field values, +, -, /, *, (, ), and numbers

The function parameter can be made of text operators and numbers either from the Query Builder to choose a field that contains a numeric value or use type a value to enter a number.


The output of the Arithmetic function is the number result of the arithmetic formula.


Because the Arithmetic function conforms to order of operations the function +=(1+2*3) will return “7” if “9” was the desired result use parenthesis to chance the order of operations +=((1+2)*3) will result in “9”.

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