Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Skype Call


The Skype Call data handler allows the Software Developer to initiate a skype call.

This feature will be available in Platform Version 14.06.956.


This Data Handler is triggered via an Enterprise Service Bus Action. To see which actions will trigger this Data Handler use the “Outgoing” tab on the Enterprise Service Bus page.

Supporting Elements

There are no supporting elements that are required for the Skype Call data handler. Typically there is a Field or Fields that contain skype usernames that are combined using the Expression Builder into a semicolon delimited list. The fields that contain the usernames could be Skype fields but that is not required as long as what is stored is a valid skype username. If the purpose of the action is to initiate a call to a known constant user then that value could be directly entered into the expression for the participants and there would be no need for a supporting field.


There are two configuration option in this data handler.

  • Participants - This is a expression that should generate either a single skype username or a list of skype usernames separated by a semicolon.
  • Type - This is a selection field that allows the software developer to choose the type of communication initiated, Call, Video Call, or Chat.
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