Manual Authentication (API Authentication Action)

Passes or fails the authentication of an API call.


This action belongs in an API authentication procedure. This action allows the developer to either deny or allow access to an API.


Authentication Result

This is the result of the authentication and is either “Success” or “Failure”

WX User

As part of a successful api authentication the API processor needs to know what user should represent the currently logged in user. If the user selected via the query can not be found at run time of the API call the authentication will fail regardless of the “Authentication Result” setting.

Failure Code

During an authentication failure you can create an expression that contains the error code. This code is used in REST APIs to help the API caller to understand the nature of the error.

Failure Message

You can create an expression that contains the message that will be returned via the API error mechanism.

Describe this action

Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the Action Manager.

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