Use a Credit Card Gateway (Braintree Payments)

Working with Braintree Payments requires a merchant account from Braintree and the associated keys that come with that account. In addition to the payment actions you will also need to create and use a Credit Card Field to store the tokenized payment information. Below we will review the general purpose of each Braintree action types, but will rely on you to review and understand the Braintree documentation to understand how each of these functions fit into your application.

Create Transaction

Use this Braintree action type to charge a customers credit card that was previously stored / tokenized using the credit card field. This action will not work with a credit card number because WorkXpress should not be used to store credit card information directly. After this action runs it will either run the actions placed in the success or failure sections below it. In the success area the Braintree Transation ID is available to be stored. It is recommended that this information be stored in your application so that you can process refunds and reconcile your records vs. the records stored on Braintree at a later date. If you choose not to store the transaction id then refunds and all reporting of transaction status will need to be processed using the Braintree Payments Portal. In the failure section the error message is available for storage. Reasons for errors can include but are not limited to connectivity issues with Braintree or between Braintree and the credit card processing network, insufficient funds, expired credit cards, invalid Braintree Credentials, etc.

Delete Billing Info

Use this Braintree action type to delete any credit card and customer information that is stored in Braintree's Portal related to the tokens from a credit card field. This is a good practice to follow when a customer either deactivates their account or if the information has expired.

Full Refund

Use this Braintree action type to process a refund for the full amount of a transaction referenced by a transaction id from a create transaction action. If the transaction has not settled, usually less than 24 hours, then the transaction will be voided else a refund transaction will be processed. If a previous partial refund was performed against the transaction successfully then this action will fail.

Partial Refund

Use this Braintree action type to process a partial refund of a transaction referenced by a transaction id from a create transaction action. A partial refund can be performed on transactions that have settled. More than one partial refund can be applied to a single transaction as long as the total of all the partial refund is less than or equal to the full value of the original transaction. If you plan to use this functionality it is recommend that you keep a record of the amount remaining with an associated transaction id.

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