What role is the application in?

Applications can be in a "Development", "Testing" or "Production" role. You may want an action to run only in certain application roles. This evaluation will pass if this application is in the specified role and will fail if the application is in a different role.


Evaluations have two automation triggers associated with them : Then and Else. Actions under the “Then” automation trigger execute when the evaluation passes, and actions under the “Else” automation execute when the evaluations fails.

Application role evaluations are used to execute a set of actions if an application is in a particular role, and another set of actions if it isn't.

Example: Suppose an application sends a lot of email as various records are moved through workflow. If the builder wants to make sure these emails are only sent when the application is in testing, or production, to avoid sending a lot of spurious emails while testing feature development in build, they could accomplish this by wrapping the email send actions in application role evaluations so these actions only run in the appropriate mode.


Select application role

Select the application role you wish to evaluate for.

Describe this action

Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the Action Manager.

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