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 +====== Word Templates ======
 +**Word templates** are records in WorkXpress used to format [[Report|reports]] that are exported to either [[Action Type - Report#​Choose Output Type|.doc or .pdf]] format. Word templates can control things such as document size, headers, footers, pagination, and watermarks.
 +To use Word templates in report outputs:
 +  - **Create your Word template document.** Open a word processing application,​ create the formatting you want, and save the document in .dot or .dotx format.
 +  - **Create the Word template [[Record|record]].** Depending on your application'​s configuration,​ the location of this could vary, but in new applications,​ click on the Admin link in the upper right corner, click on the "​Search Word Templates"​ link, then click "Add Word Template"​. In the popup, choose "​Yes"​ on the screen to choose the [[Record Role|record role]]. Upload your template file and click to add the record.
 +  - **Configure your [[Report|reporting]] [[Action|action]].** Find the action that runs your report, edit it, select your desired output (either PDF or Word 2007), and select the Word template in the [[Field Setting - Connected Fields|connected field]] that appears.
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