Word Templates

Word templates are records in WorkXpress used to format reports that are exported to either .doc or .pdf format. Word templates can control things such as document size, headers, footers, pagination, and watermarks.

To use Word templates in report outputs:

  1. Create your Word template document. Open a word processing application, create the formatting you want, and save the document in .dot or .dotx format.
  2. Create the Word template record. Depending on your application's configuration, the location of this could vary, but in new applications, click on the Admin link in the upper right corner, click on the “Search Word Templates” link, then click “Add Word Template”. In the popup, choose “Yes” on the screen to choose the record role. Upload your template file and click to add the record.
  3. Configure your reporting action. Find the action that runs your report, edit it, select your desired output (either PDF or Word 2007), and select the Word template in the connected field that appears.
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