Manage Cloud Servers on the Platform

Provisioning, configuring and co-locating servers to host web based applications can be just as time consuming as building the application to run on these servers! With WorkXpress, we allow you to setup a server in the Cloud (Public or Private) in a matter of a few minutes, ready to host your WorkXpress based applications!

The “Clouds” Tab of the Platform is where you will go to manage your clouds. On the right you'll see a “Create a Cloud” button, which will ask you just a few questions, and get the cloud setup for you.

The Public Cloud : AWS

WorkXpress has partnered with Amazon on their EC2 platform to provide clouds on their Public Cloud system. Provision a new Amazon EC2 based Cloud in just a few clicks, and a few minutes wait time.

More public cloud partners are on the horizon. It is our mission to give our customers ultimate flexibility and choice with where to host their applications; this includes which Public Cloud offerings are available. Each partner's offering is unique, and so the maintenance involved in maintaining these partnerships has us adding partners slower then we'd like. If you have a preferred partner for us to integrate with, feel free to contact

A Private Cloud

If you would prefer to host your cloud to host WorkXpress applications behind your own firewall on your network, that is an option as well! Choose Private Cloud, download and install the stack as an appliance in your OVF compliant virtualized environment, and be up and running quickly.

For more information about setting up a Private cloud, visit our Private Cloud installation guide.


For each cloud, you can expand it's processor and RAM, and/or storage capacity with the click of a button. You can also see application and user counts on each cloud. You can check the monitors to ensure the cloud is running smoothly, or read the graphs of CPU Usage, RAM usage and hard drive usage to ensure you're data is not outpacing your available storage space.

The Clouds tab is your data center monitor for the clouds that power your WorkXpress applications.

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