Define a URI for this Page (Form Setting)

New as of Platform Version 15.07.1115

Define a URI for this Page is a short text mechanic that allows the Software Developer to setup a URI to use to access this page. If you have a custom URL defined for your app of,, and you want to access this page via, then you would enter '/home'.

You can also use {} to create variables in your URI. These variables are then available as run time variables in queries and expressions on the page. You can, for instance, use /profiles/{ email address } as your URI for a Profile page and you would find email address available as a run time variable. In this case you would access for instance, and it would load the page with in a runtime variable called email address in all of the queries and expressions on this page. This would typically be used to search for a user record with a matching Email address, and display data about it, for instance.

Note that two pages cannot have the same URI defined for them. Also note that use of URI's that conflict with platform code paths is also restricted.

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