Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - WorkXpress Geocode Actions


This data handler allows a software developer to build a series of actions to store data about a single geocoding process.

This feature will be available in Platform Version 14.05.852.


This Data Source is triggered automatically when a Geocode is retrieved. Events that cause the geocoding procsses to run are:

Acessing the Action Tree

To access the action tree and to start to build actions click on the link in the ESB Profile Configuration Page.

Action Data

Three pieces of data about the geocoding event is available inside the Expression Builder in any action that is added to the action tree.

The pieces of data are:

  • Count of Premium Geocodes Used - This is the total count of premium geocode calls made
  • Count of Free Geocodes Used - This is the total count of free geocode calls made
  • Source Message - This is the reason for the geocode calls, such as “Address Field Saved” or “Address Field Location Search”

Below is a sample action tree that uses all three pieces of data and stores it on the currently logged in user:

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