All WorkXpress Cloud Servers ship with a fully functioning LAMP stack. This combination of software provides the services which, among other things, executes PHP code. If you have PHP code that you need to execute to perform processing for your application, it make sense to host that PHP Code on your WorkXpress Cloud Server.

Code segments hosted as PHP Plugins need to be constructed as SOAP Web Services. Your applications can then use the Web Services action type to connect and execute these code segments. Access to application data from the PHP Plugin is done through the API.


Packaging your code as a SOAP Web Service, and deploying it as a PHP Plugin has several benefits

  • Simplified access through a specialized access inteface in the Web Services action type.
  • Automated packaging and deployment from Build to Testing and Production application installation areas is provided.
  • Save time and money by hosting the services on your WorkXpress Cloud Server.


The WorkXpress PHP Plugin system is offered as a separate commercial product packaged with a fixed number of hours of technical support.

Please contact sales@workxpress.com for additional information.

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