LDAP, the lightweight directory access protocol (wiki article here), is a commonly used protocol for the exchange of security related data between a software application and a directory service.


WorkXpress supports a powerful and sophisticated LDAP Connector that enables the Client to receive the following benefits;

  • Unordered List ItemWorkXpress authentication via LDAP through clients Directory Services
  • Direct control of WorkXpress security model through clients Directory Services attribute assignment
  • Powerful change-management capability. Changes made to the Directory Services will be automatically reflected in the corresponding WorkXpress security model at the next authentication.
  • (Optional) Automatic WorkXpress sign-in through receipt of LDAP token
  • (Optional) Automatic authentication checks during user session


The WorkXpress LDAP connector is easy to set up and configure. The LDAP connector can be merged into your existing application just as any other piece of WorkXpress DNA. Please see the full documentation for details on setting up the LDAP Connector by merging the LDAP DNA into your WorkXpress project.

In the clients Directory Services (for example MS Active Directory) you will simply create WorkXpress attributes, wherein the values represent specific security groups and relationships used in WorkXpress. Changing these attributes in Directory Services will result in a change to user security in WorkXpress.


The WorkXpress LDAP Connector is offered as a separate commercial product packaged with a fixed number of hours of technical support.

Please contact sales@workxpress.com for additional information.

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