Set Modes (Security Action)


This action allows you to assign this layout’s available modes (view, edit and add), as well as the mode in which the layout starts. For example, if this layout contains dashboard reports, you may want it to only be viewable, and not editable. The layout then would not have an Edit button at the bottom for users to click.


Select Modes

Select the modes to make available to this form: Add, Edit, View.

These are the modes that the form can potentially use, but depending on the situation, they are not all always available. For instance, you can make add mode available to a field grid, but if the form starts in view mode, it cannot be flipped into add mode.

Select Initial Mode

Select the mode in which this form will be initially displayed: Add, Edit, View.

This is the mode in which the form will start. The starting mode must be selected as one of the available modes above. The form may be switched to a different mode (depending on the available modes selected above), but when the page loads, this form will always start in the mode selected here. Note: This setting is only used if the form has controls to save, edit and/or add (i.e. if it's a page or if the “Allow Form to be saved independently of the page” setting is enabled).

Describe this action

Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the Action Manager.

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