Generate Maps and Directions

You can use Google's map service to open a popup with a map.


Address(es) to be mapped

Build one address you wish to map. Alternatively to generate a route, add additional addresses separated by a semi-colon (“;”).

Map View

Choose which view the map will have: Map, Satellite, or Terrain

Set Starting Point

If you create a starting address, a route will be created from here to the first address you are mapping.

Launch Map or Store URL?

You can choose to launch the map in a popup now or save the URL of the map to a field to use later. You will be prompted to select a field to save the URL in if you make that choice. This would be helpful if you were sending an email to an event and wanted to include directions. You could add the field with the map URL to the body of the email.

Describe this action

Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the Action Manager.

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