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-Welcome to the WorkXpress Wiki!+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +====== ​Welcome to the WorkXpress Wiki! ====== 
 +<​html><​br /><br /></​html>​ 
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 +<​html><​br /><br /></​html>​
-The sidebar menu lists many topics for you to get to know WorkXpress. ​ 
-Whether you want to build your own app or have us build it for you, the wiki has resources to help you understand the process. ​ 
-If you aren't sure what something ​is called in the WorkXpress ​platform, search ​for the term you are used to. For exampleif you are used to the term "bound pick list" ​from Salesforce.com, go ahead and search for that. You'll find our article about linked record pickers - the same concept, just different terminology+===== An Introduction to WorkXpress ===== 
 +If you're brand new to WorkXpress and have some questions about whether this is the right platform for you, please take a look at the <​html><​a class="nav" ​href="#​0"></​html>​**Introduction to WorkXpress**<​html></​a></​html>​ sectionThis will give you a deep understanding of why people use WorkXpress ​and our general philosophy on software development.
 +We'd recommend that you [[Get WorkXpress|Start Here]].
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 +===== Before You Build =====
 +If you're new to WorkXpress and have already decided that WorkXpress is right for you, the <​html><​a class="​nav"​ href="#​1"></​html>​**Before You Build**<​html></​a></​html>​ section of the wiki will most likely be the best place for you to start. This will introduce the basics of WorkXpress and will ready you for using our revolutionary tools.
 +We recommend you start by reading our [[What Can I Build|What Can I Build]] page.
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 +===== Building Your Application:​ How-tos, Examples, Best Practices =====
 +If you've already been introduced to the basic elements of WorkXpress, and have questions about best practices or how to accomplish larger tasks (such as [[Best Practices - Invoice|how to create an invoice]] or [[Security|how to work with security]]),​ take a look at the <​html><​a class="​nav"​ href="#​2"></​html>​**Building Your Application**<​html></​a></​html>​ and <​html><​a class="​nav"​ href="#​3"></​html>​**Examples and Best Practices**<​html></​a></​html>​ sections on the left.
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 +===== Technical Manual =====
 +If you've already been introduced to the basic elements of WorkXpress (such as [[Table|tables]],​ [[Field|fields]],​ and [[Relationship Table|relationship tables]]), but have questions about how specific elements in WorkXpress should be used, the <​html><​a class="​nav"​ href="#​4"></​html>​**Technical Manual**<​html></​a></​html>​ may be the place for you. This contains detailed information about every aspect of WorkXpress. The technical manual is not meant to be read straight through, but should be used as a resource guide as you are building.
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 +===== Developers =====
 +If you need access to the [[Dev Resources - API|API]] or other resources or integrations,​ then [[Dev Resources|Developer Resources]] is the place for you. 
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