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 +====== Application Overview (Role Option) ======
 +The Application Overview page allows you to see information about your application,​ such as the hosting provider and who to call if you have questions. ​
 +  * **Application Name** - Set or change your application name.
 +  * **Image** - Upload an image to represent your application,​ such as a company logo. 
 +  * **Cloud Server Name** (not editable) - This is the server on which this application role is hosted.
 +  * **Last Rollout Date** ​ (not editable) ​ - The date and time this application role was updated. ​
 +  * **Description** - Add a description for your application.
 +  * **Version** ​ (not editable) - This is the version number of the application role. 
 +  * **Auto Login Username** - This is the username the application role will use to log in when launched from the portal. You do not need to enter the password. ​
 +  * **Login Link** - This is the default URL for the application role. If you want to create your own URL, see the option on the Testing Role to [[Role Option - See URLs|add a URL]].
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