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 +===== Purpose =====
 +This [[Enterprise Service Bus]] system allows a Software Developer to post to the Facebook wall of a user that logged in to WorkXpress via Facebook.
 +===== End User Experience =====
 +A User of a WorkXpress Application that utilizes the Facebook Enterprise Service Bus functionality will need to authorize this application to allow posting to their wall.  This is accomplished via the [[Field Type - Facebook OAuth|Facebook OAuth]] field.
 +Sending posts from WorkXpress to Facebook is a two step process. ​ First the values for Message, Link, Link Caption, Link Description,​ and Link Name must be stored somewhere in WorkXpress for the ESB Profile to reference. ​ This can be accomplished with a [[Table|table]],​ or by storing these values on any accessible record in WorkXpress. ​ Next, [[Action Type - Enterprise Service Bus|Enterprise Service Bus Actions]] need to be added to send the Post Data to Facebook. ​ While setting up that Action, the Software Developer will setup a [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Facebook Post Outgoing|Facebook Post]] ESB Profile to let WorkXpress know how to read post records to send to Facebook.  ​
 +===== Additional Facebook Functions =====
 +In addition to the Wall Post ESB it is possible to utilize the Facebook Social Plugins for [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​like-button|Like Buttons]], [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​share-button|Share Buttons]], [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​send-button|Send Buttons]], [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​embedded-posts|Embedded Posts]], [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​follow-button|Follow Buttons]], [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​comments|Comments]],​ [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​activity|Activity Feed]], [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​recommendations|Recommendataions Feed]], [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​like-box-for-pages|Like Box]], and [[https://​developers.facebook.com/​docs/​plugins/​facepile|Facepile]]. ​ To utilize these functions the developer simply needs to do 3 things.
 +  - [[Setup Facebook Account|Sign Up and Create a Facebook Application]]
 +  - Create an [[Field Type - Expression|Expression Field]] to display the html
 +  - Copy the html code for the plugin you wish to use from the facebook developer site.
 +===== What Data is sent to Facebook? =====
 +The following pieces of data are sent to Facebook:
 +  * **Facebook Post ID** - The Facebook Post ID identifies this Post on Facebook'​s side.  This value should be empty for new posts. ​ This field will be filled in when a Post is successfully created
 +  * **Message** - The message is the main body of a post.  The message is optional if a link is being posted.
 +  * **Link** - A link to a website
 +  * **Link Name** - A title for a link
 +  * **Link Caption** - A subheading for the Link Name.
 +  * **Link Description** - A text description of the link that appears below the Link Caption
 +===== Data Handlers =====
 +The data handler selection for an Outgoing ESB Profile will determine what helpers and configuration is needed and or available.
 +  * [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Facebook Post Outgoing|Facebook Post]] ​
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