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A tree form is a type of list that allows the user to drilldown through a series of related records. One can start at the top level of the tree, and expand subsequent children levels. The child level must be connected to its parent by a relationship. Tree forms allow you to create any combination of drilldown for your users by traversing records and relationships. For any level of your tree form, you can create an independent set of columns as if each level were its own list. A common example of a tree form is when you navigate the folders and files on your home computer.

How to Create

Tree are created in one of two ways: either clicking the blue Create a Form tile in the Block Creator (), or, when the presentation layer is displayed, clicking on one of the blue plus icons ().


Tree features can be edited by clicking on the blue tree icon when the presentation layer is displayed.

Header Bar


Sizing Settings



Block Association

Tree Configuration

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