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 +====== Security & Access ======
 +This article offers various methods of defining security and allowing [[Page|page]] access in an application.
 +===== Security =====
 +  * [[Security - Permissions|By permission on related group]]\\ The most flexible way to assign permissions. Under this method, any number of permissions are grouped together in a permission group, and users are assigned as members of the permission groups to accumulate these permissions.
 +  * [[Security - By Relationship to Group|By relationship to specific group]]\\ A good way to set up permissions for applications with a small number of roles, and very strict permissions differentiation between the groups.
 +  * [[Security - By Field on User|By field on user]]\\ Often the very simplest way to set up permissions in an application. Effective when only a few permissions are needed. Downside is that permissions need to be assigned to every user that's created.
 +  * [[Security - By Field on Record|By field on record]]\\ This method is often used in conjunction with another method of security assignment to control access to a certain [[Record|record]] based on the data on the record itself. Often, this security is based on the status of the record, or the record'​s assignment to a [[Users|user]].
 +===== Page Access =====
 +  * [[Custom URLs|Custom URLs]]\\ Custom URLs offer a way of allowing direct access to a [[Form Type - Page|page]] from either within the application or outside of it.
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