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 +====== Three Layers of WorkXpress Applications ======
 +The three layers allow you to interact with different parts your application:​ presentation,​ data, and automation. ​
 +  * [[Presentation Layer]] - Create and arrange [[Form|forms]] and [[Field|fields]] that make the interfaces your users with interact with. 
 +  * [[Database Layer]] - See a graphical representation of the [[Relationship Table|relationships]] between forms and fields and the [[Table|tables]] they are associated with.
 +  * [[Automation Layer]] - Bring up an interface to add [[Action|automations]] to your forms and fields. See at a glance what fields and forms have actions associated with them. 
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[Three Layers Introduction#​Build in 3 Layers|Three Layers Introduction]]
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