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 +====== Security By Field on User ======
 +In applications with very simple permission needs, assigning security permissions by a [[Field|field]] on the [[Users|user]] table.
 +===== How to Set Up =====
 +Firstly, you need to create the [[Field|field(s)]] to use for the security. This part can be done in a number of ways, but here are the most common:
 +  * **Use a single [[Field Type - Selection#​Static Single Selection|drop-down]]**\\ This option is only used when a user can be a member of one and only one permission group. The drop-down would include options identical to the types of security needed.
 +  * **Use a [[Field Type - Selection#​Static Multiple Selection|multi-select]] field**\\ This option should be used if a user could potentially be a member of multiple permission groups. The options for the selection field would be identical to the types of security needed.
 +  * **Use multiple [[Field|fields]]**\\ Use this option when there are various aspects of security you wish to control independently. Under this method, you'd create a different field (either single or multi-selection) for each area of security you wish to control, with options identical to the levels of security available in that area. This method is the most flexible of the three, but is the most seldom used, as usually, builders who need this level of security typically opt for the most flexible method of [[Security - Permissions|assigning permissions by group]].
 +Once you've chosen your preferred method of implementation,​ you're ready to set up your security. Go to the [[Form Type - Page|page]] you wish to secure, bring up the [[Automation Layer|automation layer]], and access the [[Automation Trigger - When Form Loads|security automation]] for the page. Create a [[Action Type - Record Exist|record exist]] [[Action#​Evaluation|evaluation]]. For the [[Query Builder|query]],​ go to the [[Query Builder - Starting Points#​Currently Logged-In User|current user starting point]], and add a [[Query Builder#​Filter|filter]] to ensure the appropriate [[Field|field]] on the [[User|user]] is set to contain the correct value.
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