A header is a type of form in WorkXpress. The purpose of a header is to provide navigation between different pages of an application. It is automatically placed on a page form when one is created. This replaces the Application Header that has traditionally been located on the top of every page.

What's New

The header form contains some new features that were not available with the application header.

  • The header can be moved around on the page. It is no longer limited to the top, although it is placed there by default.
  • The header can be re-sized. This is now true of all elements on the page and the header form is no exception.
  • The header has its own Block Configuration. This is accessed by opening the presentation layer and clicking on the blue page icon (). This originally opened the page configuration, which is now accessible via the Show Tools button in the left toolbar.
  • The header can have actions attached to it through the automation layer.
  • The header form can be removed from individual pages if so desired.

How to Create

While initially provided for you on any new page, a header form can be added in the following ways: either clicking the “Forms” button in the left hand palette and then dragging the Classic Forms button over the page's background, or, when the presentation layer is displayed, clicking on one of the blue plus icons (). When the Choose the Type of Form to Add screen appears, scroll down and select Header.

There are three ways in which the header form provides navigation.

  1. The Application Tabs that will be incorporated into the header by default. It's configuration can be accessed through the presentation layer as normal. It cannot be moved, deleted or have actions assigned to it.
  2. The breadcrumb trail, or history of pages visited, located between the application logo and tab form.
  3. A Link Field being placed directly in the header. This is accomplished in the same way fields are normally added to forms. Certain links, such as View My User Profile and Logout, will be available by default.


Header features can be edited by clicking on the blue page icon when the presentation layer is displayed.

Header Configuration

Upcoming Features

Header forms and how they are managed and placed on the page is changing again in an upcoming Platform Release that will include Page Types which allow content to be generated in an area above, to the left, to the right, and below the main page content, and then shared between pages. In addition, the following features of Header Forms will be added:

Local Configuration

Global Configuration

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