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 +====== When a User interacts with a Timeslot (Form Setting) ======
 +For all [[Form Setting - Available Calendar Views|views]] this controls what happens when a User clicks, or drags and drops in a day or over several hours. ​ The options are "Add Event" and "Drill Down to the Day View".
 +==== Drill Down to the Day View ====
 +When Drill Down to the Day View is selected, clicking in an open area of a time slot on the [[Form Type - Calendar|Calendar]] will switch the view one level deeper. ​ Month View will load Week View, and Week View will load Day View.
 +==== Add Event ====
 +When Add Event is selected, clicking or dragging in an open area of a time slot on the Calendar will open the [[Form Type - Page|page]] that you select. ​ During the "​[[Automation Trigger - Every Time Form Loads|When Page Loads]]"​ Form [[Automation Trigger|Automation Trigger]], you have access to the Calendar Event Start Time and Calendar Event End Time global variables in any [[Action|Action]] [[Expression Builder|Expression]] defined. ​ This allows you to load an Add Event page, and set the Start and End times based on where the User dragged and dropped.
 +There are two other variables available: ​
 +Calendar Event Calendar View - This variable will tell you which view they are coming from.
 +Calendar Event All Day - This variable will be "​true"​ if they clicked in the All Day are of a Calendar, and "​false"​ if not.
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