Setup Pins from Google Places (Form Setting)

There are nine settings for a map pin:

  • Name - This a name for the pin configuration. It is used to provide a simple explanation for the pin settings
  • Search Term - The search term should be a string that Google will use to search for locations that have a name, description, or location type containing that value.
  • Locations - The locations selection will limit the locations that Google will search to places that have the selected tags applied to them. Examples of the tags include Resturant and Cafe.
  • Style - WorkXpress provides several prebuilt pin graphics that can be chosen to be displayed on the map. If the custom option is selected then the image uploaded will be placed on the map with the bottom center of the image placed at the point on the map for the records longitude and latitude.
  • Cluster Group - When many pins are displayed in close proximity to each other it is possible for the map to cluster the pins together with a circle icon and a number representing the number of pins located under it. The cluster group selected will determine the color of the circle based on the number of pins contained in the cluster. If no cluster group is selected for a pin configuration then the pins returned by the query will not be clustered. If the same cluster group is selected for more than one pin configuration then when clustering occurs it will combine the pins from all the queries.
  • Results - The maximum number of search results from a Google Places Search is 20 but less can be displayed if needed.
  • Radius - When displaying a pin on the map it is possible to configure a circle to be drawn around the pin. This setting determines the size of the circle around the pin.
  • Radius Units - This selection tells the map form what units the pin radius is using. Supported unit for the radius is Miles, Kilometers, and Meters.
  • Radius Color - This is the color used for the radius. The radius is drawn as a circle in this color with a shading of this color inside the circle.
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