Require an Authenticated User (Form Setting)

New as of Platform Version 15.07.1115

Require an Authenticated User is a mechanic for Page Forms that allows the Software Developer to choose whether an authenticated user is required to access this page or not. Visitors who have not yet authenticated are considered non-authenticated users. So, if this is set to yes, and the Software Developer gives this Page a URI, then un-authenticated visitors can access the page.

Once a page is loaded that has Require an Authenticated User set to Yes (or empty), anyone un-authenticated will be redirected to an authentication page of the Software Developer's choosing. Once they authenticate successfully they will be forwarded back to where they were headed when they were redirected to the authentication page.

When “Yes” is chosen, the Software Developer is given the option:

Get authenticated page settings from with choices of “Application Settings” or “Page Settings”.

“Application Settings” allows the Software Developer to see, and update, the Application level default authentication settings. It also means that this page will use those settings when an unauthenticated user tries to access it. Use this setting if you want the authentication settings here to change along with the Application settings when they change.

“Page Settings” allows the Software Developer to setup an Authentication Page that they want to use for this page and this page only.

Define an Authentication Page - Authentication pages can be referenced by using the Platform Provided Authentication system, choose a Page form the system, or entering a URI for an authentication system the Software Developer has setup.

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